Closed Caption Interaction Idea

Feb 22, 2019

Hi Articulate Community:)

I'm wanting to create an interaction, I have some ideas of how to build it with hotspots and hidden quiz slides (for feedback) but I thought I'd share it to see if there is a more efficient way of doing it. 

Here is the idea:

I'd like to create an interaction where a user listens to audio. While listening to the audio, the user should click on captions that display appropriate things to say to a customer. Example if the audio(caption) says "how can I help you?" - the user should click that caption before it disappears and moves on to the next caption.

Also, I'd like to have immediate feedback - when the user gets one right, a star appears in the top right corner. They should get three stars. And at the end, I'd like to show feedback showing all 3 correct captions as well as which ones they missed.

Here is a summary of everything:
1. user listens to audio and clicks a closed caption that is relevant/correct.
2. as they click the correct caption a star appears above the captions. A star will appear for each right caption. they need to get 3 stars.
3. there will be 3 sentences they need to click on.
4. at the end it should show feedback where all the correct sentences appear as well as which ones they get and which ones they missed.
5. Captions should only display automatically for one slide.

Thank you kindly!

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