Closed Captioning turning off after layer showing

Jun 18, 2019

Hey everybody.  Has anyone else experienced this.  I have a course built with ADA compatible closed captioning as an option.  I have many slides with layers that activate via a button for best practices which stop playback of the base layer.  Think of it as a window that pops up giving the student a best practice.  They then click on an "X" to close the layer and continue on.  Here's the problem.  When you click on the button to launch the layer the closed captioning button on the player disappears and turns off the CC with no way to turn it back on.  This obviously now puts my course out of compliance for ADA.  See my attached images as an example.  Any help would be much appreciated.  I think this is a bug.

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Graham Cohen

Ok.  I does appear to be a bug.  I can prevent this if I DON'T stop the base layer from playing when the student clicks on the button to show the layer.  If I turn that feature off everything stays in place.  However, my layer covers half of my screen and the student is missing the learning that is going on.  I need to stop the playback when they click this button which turns off my CC.  This is a huge problem for ADA compliance.  

Graham Cohen

Hi Noel.  It's on a layer.  I have show base layer objects enabled as it's a pop up.  I can replicate it every time now.  I've been playing with this for over 2 hours and it's baffling.  Here's how my slide is set up.

Pop up layer is a single layer with a simple box with text and a shape button in the corner that acts as a button to close the layer.

My base layer has 1 image, 1 text box and 1 shape.  I also have an audio file with closed captioning attached to it. (must have CC attached)  


Noel Read

I think you're right and it's a bug. I have replicated what you describe and it works fine for me. 

The only other thing I would check before contacting support is to create a new file and put one audio file in and some CC attached and set it up the same way to see if you have the same issue. If you do, then a bug, if not, then maybe the file is glitchy. Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling Storyline can sort out bugs and ensuring you're on the latest version.

Graham Cohen

Interesting.  So you can get it to work just fine then yes?  Wonder if it has something to do with my computer setup?  I've uploaded my two files to support and they are working on it right now.  As soon as they respond i'll update here.  The key is you must pause the base layer in order for the button to turn off.  I'm going to try adding a hidden box and have my button make the box visible when pressed and not use a layer.  I'll add a trigger to pause the base layer and another to restart it when the box is re hidden and see if that works for me.  Thanks for the help Noel.  appreciate it.

Graham Cohen

Boom.  That worked.  I changed my setup to have a hidden pop-up box on my base layer instead of a regular layer.  I added a trigger to pause the timeline when my button was pressed and another trigger to restart it when my close button is pressed.  the CC button stayed on and is working fine.  At least i have a work around now.  

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Graham,

Thanks for popping back in to share your workaround.

I appreciate you mentioning that you were working with our support team as well. That allowed me to take a look and see that Renz is assisting you and it looks like we're doing some further investigation on this issue as well.

I've linked this conversation to the report as well so that we can share any updates here.

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