Closed Captions

Mar 26, 2018

I have a question on closed captions inside that I'm hoping the heroes here can answer.  I've received an audio recording for some training and I now need to add closed captions to it.  It's kind of in reverse order... I have the script but I need the captions.  Is there a way to just import the script into closed captions without having to break it out piece by piece to match the audio?

Hoping that makes sense.

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Andria Kurychak

You tube will time it for you.

Convert your sound file into MP4, drop in You Tube, and it will create the CC for you.  You'll have to edit the CC a bit (not every word is captured accurately), but  the timing will be done for you.  Then download the .vtt file. When you click on the audio in your SL timeline you'll be able to add the CC file.

Steve Johnson

Related question: If I have no closed captions created for a slide although there is full narration, the closed captions button will not appear even if it is checked in the player properties, is that correct? My course has all text boxes already timed for appearance and narrated almost verbatim so do I really need to use the close caption function at all? Seems like I've already pretty much created closed captions manually for the whole course with the narrations. Your thoughts?