Closing a layer when a lightbox slide closes

Sep 26, 2019

I am using storyline to create a JIT help for a piece of software. I am wanting to have it so that you click a button and it opens up a submenu layer, and then options on this open up a lightbox slide. However, I can't figure out how to get the submenu layer to close when the lightbox slide closes (it goes back to the main slide with the submenu layer still showing)


Thanks for your help :) 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Donna,

If you set up a trigger to hide the sub menu layer before showing the lightbox slide, when you close the lightbox the menu will no longer be visible.

In the attached example, select the button on the base layer to call up the sub menu and then, when you select Menu Item 1, the sub menu will close and the lightbox slide will appear. When you close the lightbox slide, you will be returned to the base layer of your original slide.

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