Cmi.exit issue with Articulate 2/Scorm Cloud

Apr 05, 2016

Hi all, I am having a recurring problem across a number of courses in Articulate 2 and Scorm Cloud.

My courses are packing up fine, I have implemented the 'pick one' workaround for my final slide to give me a result on a slide-only course.

On completion of the course in Scorm Cloud I am getting Passed/Complete as I would expect however;

The cmi.exit value of the course always stays as SUSPEND. When going back into the course I am always offered the 'would you like to continue' option. The register has no cmi.core.exit value listed.

Any suggestions as I now am quite up against it time wise! There are no errors in the debug and everything appears to be working correctly.



Testing the EXIT button
Satisfied: true
Completed: true
Progress Status: true
Attempts: 1
Suspended: true
Activity Objective #1
Measure Status: false
Normalized Measure: unknown
Progress Measure: true
Satisfied Status: true
Runtime Data
cmi.completion_status: completed NoCredit
cmi.entry: Other
cmi.exit: Suspend
cmi.learner_preference.audio_level: 50
cmi.learner_preference.delivery_speed: 1
cmi.learner_preference.audio_captioning: 0
cmi.mode: Review
cmi.total_time: 0000:00:14.50
Total Time Tracked by SCORM Engine: 0000:00:14.86
cmi.success_status: Passed
cmi.interactions.0 Scene2_Slide1_FreeFormPickOne_0_0
cmi.interactions.0.type: Choice Testing_the_EXIT_button
cmi.interactions.0.timestamp: 2016-04-05T15:57:11
cmi.interactions.0.weighting: 1
cmi.interactions.0.learner_response: a
cmi.interactions.0.result: neutral

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Christie Pollick

UPDATE here for anyone who is following along with Laurence and Simon's case.... 

On 4/6, Simon shared the following: 

"We understand that in review mode the result/completion of a lesson will not change unless config.js is modified, as mentioned in the forum post you linked to in your response.  The issue we are having is that once a user has completed a course the review mode is beginning on the final slide in the course instead of the first slide. 

I have tried modifying the suggested entries as mentioned in the forum post you linked to, however this doesn't seem to have had any impact on our issue.  To clarify; is there any way we can return the user to the beginning of the lesson once they have completed the course and entered review mode?

To which our engineer Cleo replied:

"Yes, you are correct, once completion is sent to the LMS and review mode has been set on the last slide, the user is stuck on the last slide. If you want to bring the user back to the first slide without resetting the course, simply use a Jump to slide <slide 1> trigger. You can set it to be triggered automatically by the end of the timeline or from a button."

Hope that helps others who come across this thread in the future seeking assistance!  :)

Simon Smith

Just to clarify, I didn't really receive a satisfactory response to this issue. This may have been my fault for not elucidating my point correctly but in any event the courses are stuck in resume mode on completion with a cmi.exit value of suspend. I would expect a value of finish.

I have formulated a simple and very inelegant solution for the time being but still need help on this.

To anyone else dealing with the same issue, we can use this workaround:

On the final slide (the one resume returns you to) we execute the following code when the timeline starts:


var player = GetPlayer();

var myStatus= lmsAPI.GetStatus();

player.SetVar("status", myStatus);

var myEntry= lmsAPI.GetEntryMode();

player.SetVar("entry", myEntry);


This will grab the entry method (in this case we are stuck with suspend) and the completion status.

In my case the value of suspend = 1. The value for a passed course is also 1. You can find the relative values in the APIConstants.js file within your storyline output.

Once we have the two values assigned to variables we can execute a trigger on timeline load on the final slide redirecting us to a custom review slide:


Jump to 'your review slide' 

When the timeline starts

If 'status' is = 1

AND 'entry' is = 1


The review slide will only be reached by students who have passed the course and have an exit/entry of suspend.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a substitute for a proper solution, so should anyone else find a better answer or a way of getting the courses to correctly exit as one would expect then please share it with the community! We're all in this together.


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