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Judy Nollet

Hi, Randy,

Unfortunately, there is no option for that. You can submit a feature request here: https://articulate.com/support/contact/feature-request. (That doesn't mean they'll add the feature, but it's the best way to let them know.) 

FYI: There are different ways to include programming notes in a course. 

  • If you aren't displaying the Notes panel in the course, use that panel to enter programming info about a slide, as needed. 
  • Add a "programming notes" layer to a slide, as needed, and put your notes on that. As long as there's no trigger to show that layer, users won't see it. 
  • Add notes in an text box or shape that's placed completely off the slide area. 

The caveat for all of those options: If the course will be translated, the text would be exported for translations with the other text in the course. You'd have to mark it somehow to prevent the programming notes from being translated. 

Judy Nollet

Walt's option is a good one. I've done that, too, but forgot to mention it. I'd put that sort of slide in a separate scene, called "Storage." (A "Storage" scene is also good for holding slides that will be lightboxed, as well as any other slides that might be useful to duplicate entirely or copy objects from.)