Communicating SWF flash to Storyline Implementation

Good day everyone! A quick question for all you heroes out there

How do you implement communications between SWF Flash to Storyline?

Because we have a game we made in flash and we plan to use it in storyline. But if the game will end, how will we tell storyline that the game ended and when the user clicks on a button on the flash file, it will tell storyline to go to the next slide?

We tried using triggers that when media (SWF) completes, it goes to the next slide. When we run the project, it automatically goes to the next slide.

I may be wrong, but does storyline detect SWF files as done?

Or we should use variables already?

Thank you!

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Steve Flowers

Storyline doesn't detect SWF files as done. Communicating from SWF to the Storyline Player is pretty easy.  ExternalInterface setting a variable (or calling a function that sets a variable) is the way to go.

Setting up an interval every second to use ExternalInterface to pull in a variable from the SL player will get you communication going the other way.