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Jan 27, 2017



I have developed individual courses for a client. Now, the client wants us to compile all the courses together where in each course will be treated as one block. How do I do this?


Next, the sequence of courses is random, few of the courses have been done by someone else. Assuming that the client would be adding those later by themselves, how do I proceed (connect the modules ).


Looking forward to hear from you.




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Crystal Horn

Hello Chetana!  It's up to you, but I would recommend keeping your individual files, and then creating a new course where you import those existing files into different scenes.  Then, depending on your design, perhaps you'd like to have a main landing page from which your users can navigate to those "blocks" or scenes of content.  Alternatively, if you still wanted to host those courses individually, you could always hook them together with hyperlinks.

In terms of the client creating additional course for you to connect, if they are hosting those courses on their own website/domain, maybe hyperlinks are the way to go if you can't easily get the source file of the course and import it into your main one.

Here's a nice discussion about managing big projects; it might be helpful for you in terms of logistics.  Good luck with your project!

Crystal Horn

Hi Chetana!  I think it's up to you.  In other discussions, I've heard users discuss the benefit of starting a new project file so that they still have their original, individual modules intact.  Whatever works for you in terms of what you might need to do in the future, how much reformatting you'd need to do, etc.

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