Completion, tracking, reporting and Confirmation button in LMS

Oct 07, 2013

Hi eveyone!

We've got a wee bit of a situation here.

We've published a quiz and we are not able to get the results we need.

Here is what we are looking for as a result.

1- We need the advancement status to show 100% once the quiz is done. The only way we have been able to achieve that is by tracking using the number of slide viewed set to the lowest (1/10). The goal is to get in the LSM (LSO SAP) the Confirm attendance button, which learner needs to click in order to have the lesson registered in his profile.

2- When we do that, we are unable to get any of the results in the report. We are able to get the results in the reports only when we track using quiz results. We however NEVER get the advancement level at 100% (we can't even reach 50%  even tho we've viewed every slide and answered every question. <


Its like the system is wating for the respondant to get 100% score, and then he would be able to close.

But this in an evaluation. We need to keep the score as it is, get the confirmation button AND get the details of the results in the report.

Is there anyway to achieve that?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nathalie, 

Have you review this blog post on troubleshooting within your LMS? Specifically I'd ask you to test the tracking within SCORM Cloud (which is a free industry standard method for testing courses) and see if you're able to replicate the behavior. If all behaves as you'd expect within SCORM you may want to let your LMS team see those results so that they help you troubleshoot. 

Nathalie Kustcher

Actually, its the LMS people that have the problem getting the desired behavior.

They've solved the problem by manually calling the confirm attendance button and we've set the lesson to track using a score. that way we can register the attendance in the user's profile AND get the report on the result.

Its not ideal, but if it works, heh heh...


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