Compliance Wire Articulate Storyline 3 issue

Nov 23, 2017

Hi there,

I don't think this is a problem with  Articulate Storyline 3, but I'm curious if anybody else has encountered this issue because we are stumped!

We have uploaded several modules created in storyline 3 to Compliance Wire, let's call them modules A, B, C and D.

Some users have reported that for modules A and B, they complete the item in Compliance Wire, they pass the assessment, and it goes into their CW "history". however, the next day it appears back in their To-do list - AND it is still showing in their history.

This does not happen for all users who have been assigned these modules A and B - just some!

Other modules C and D, created in Storyline 3 at the same time and published with the same settings, don't appear to have any issues, so we don't think it's an Articulate issue, but I wanted to know if anybody else had ever encountered an issue like this and what might be causing it. 

Thanks in advance.


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