Inconsistency between the questions and speach

Dear users,

We created a quiz  (using the quiz template), with the question, and answers a) b) c) and d). However, the speach  says: the question and answer b) a) d) and c).

It is not said (vocally) in the same order that what is in the scene (slide).

We face this issue for a big majority of our questions (23 questions).

We can't find the reason for this discrepancy.  Any tip? Good idea?

Thanks in advance for your help... we have a presentation on Wednesday and would so much appreciate a return.

Many thanks,




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Crystal Horn

Hello Laurence.  It sounds like the screen reader is not reading the answer choices properly when you tab through them.  We have an issue with the tab order of answer choices behaving oddly when the choices are shuffled.  Can you try setting your answer choices not to shuffle and see if the choices are read correctly?

If that works, let me know.  We'll update you when we have a fix for this issue.  If that doesn't work, I'd love to see your .story file for testing!  You can share it in your reply or through this private link.