Comunicate Lost Connection to the User & Close the Course

Hello all!

i have been working with Cornerstone Ondemand for 4 months troubleshooting Course Completion issues and I am trying to eliminate 1 obvious cause "Connection Loss".  We need a way to stop the user from progressing in the course if that progress is not being recorded in the LMS.  We have tried setting the "heartbeat" to 2.5 minutes and enabled WarnOnCommitFail but per Brian Batt “When you set g_bWarnOnCommitFail to true, we will prompt the user when the SCORM interface method LMSCommit returns false.  Unfortunately, many LMS interfaces continue to return true when the connection is lost and the data cannot be committed to the server. To fix this, the LMS should return false in LMSCommit when the connection is lost or fails to send the data back to the server.”

i don't know how it works but if the internet goes down or you are bumped off an LMS server we would like to prompt the user about the issue and then close the course forcing the user back to the LMS to relaunch the course to continue rather than allowing the user to believe that the next 2 or 3 hours of the course progress is being recorded in the LMS when it is not.

Even if we could not prompt the user before closing the course we would prefer that the course simply disappear rather than continue on with no hope of recording the progress in the LMS.

Any help would be Greatly appreciated!  

Thanks in advance!


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