condition checking of multiple blanks in Storyline2

Feb 15, 2016


I have created "correct" and "incorrect" buttons to help flag on the checking of values in two data-entry boxes.

Basically, I need the two boxes to allow one of two combinations of numerical values only (3,5 or 5,3).

Doesn't seem to work...

Can anyone help?

(or is there a simpler way to check multiple boxes

- actually I wanted to create a quiz whereby children can see visuals and then enter addition equations into 3 boxes, e.g. 3+5=8 or 5+3=8)


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Walt Hamilton

Generally, if you want to attach additional triggers to the submit button, "Submit interaction" should be the last trigger.

The combination of "and" and "or" in a single condition is beyond SL's capabilities.  You have to create it in steps.

If TextEntry = 5 AND TextEntry1 = 3 then Temp1 = TRUE

If TextEntry = 3 AND TextEntry1 = 5 then Temp2 = TRUE

If Temp1 =True OR Temp2 = TRUE then set state of Correct button to selected

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