Conditional built-in Next button (in 2019)

Mar 26, 2019

I found some 5-7 year old posts on making the built-in Next button conditional for select slides (e.g., on visiting a layer or button), not the entire project. The advice was to use variables and triggers. Is that still the only method? Or is there a simpler method in 2019 with Storyline 360?

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Mark Swanson

Melanie, thank you! I knew there had to be a simpler method. That's exactly what I need.

Was the more complicated method of setting variables first (e.g. in David Anderson's video) necessary because earlier versions of Storyline didn't allow setting multiple conditions in the trigger dialog? Or something else?

Crystal Horn

Variables are a more reliable way of storing information in a course since they can only be reset with a trigger, and their values carry across multiple slides. Because the state of an object is not an action, it can be tricky to use them as "when" actions in a trigger. But if your project is working with that setup, go forth and be happy! 😃 

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