Conditions/Variables for text entry fields and submit button

Jul 26, 2012

Here is what I am trying to do:

I have 6 text entry boxes on the slide.

The users must free form enter their answers into the six boxes, and then click an "Answer Key" button.

The answer key button displays another layer from the same slide.

I want to have it set up so that the "Answer Key" button only shows the other layer IF they have entered text in all six text entry fields. It doesn't matter WHAT the text is, can be anything, they just need to have entered something in all six fields in order to display the answers. If they haven't entered text in any of the six text entry fields they will get a different layer that says "You must answer each question before viewing the answers".

Im not sure how to set up my variables and conditions to do this :(

Any help would be appreciated..


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Nicole Legault

Thanks for quick reply Phil... Glad what I want to do is achievable... however I don't 100% understand your instructions.. (its not you its me)

So my Trigger condition:

If: TextEntry1 ==Equal to Value and then leave the Value field blank?

And then not sure I understand what you mean by "say all text boxes must be complete" ....

?? Thanks in advance

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