Confusing Aspects of Storyline's Quizes and the Import Feature

Jul 17, 2019

Hello all,

I am running into a few issues that I can't seem to solve without some expert help. Thanks in advance. :)

When importing questions from a Excel sheet...

1. On slide where I wish to add in new quiz slides from Excel sheet, I right-click New Slide > Import > Import Questions, select the .xlsx file. List of questions appear.
a) There is no way to deselect all, or block and simultaneously select a more than one. :(  
b) There is a way to update only changed questions. :(
c) Selecting Insert into Current Scene inexplicably inserts the questions at the BEGINNING of the scene, rather than the position where I selected New Slide. :(

2. How do I import questions from a spreadsheet into a specific template design? I have four sets of master slides under SLIDE MASTER. When I import questions, the last set (4) of masters is always applied. See Q3. 

3. As I mentioned in Q2, I have 4 sets of master slides. I don't need 3 of the 4 sets, how do I remove them. There is no delete option. 

4. On my quiz master, I have a button icon which needs to be assigned to a different URL per slide. But in slide (or Quiz) editing mode, the button is not accessible for editing (it doesn't appear in the timeline). What am I doing wrong. I want this button to be a default in the template, but I need to edit it to insert a specific link per quiz slide. How do I accomplish that?

5. Storyline v3 doesn't seem to support automatic question numbering and forces me to use variables for counting. So something that should be trivial like adding "Question x of y" cannot be accomplished to work without errors. :(
Sure, I can add a variable like "question_number" but if I am allowing the learner to randomly navigate the questions (with an active table of contents), the numbering will become incorrect. :(   In other words, I am counting the number of times a question slide is reached, not the actual question number position. :( 

Is this just the way it is? Is there improved functionality in Articulate 360?


Thank you

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Shawn Connelly

In regards to the seemingly complicated way of indicated question numbers, I am puzzled as to why it's not easier, considering that table of contents clearly understands the page or question position.

Why can't I use the numeric value that is available to the ToC, rather than creating my own question number variable? 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Shawn!

I'm happy to help you with your Storyline project that includes content from an Excel spreadsheet.

I'm linking a great support article that has a sample template for creating quizzes. You will see it has separate columns for question type, question, answers, etc. This template is going to help with any of the format issues you're running into.

When importing the Excel Spreadsheet, you have the option to choose the questions you want to include in the project. If the options are greyed out, you might need to make sure the spreadsheet is saved to your local drive.

Regarding question 1C, your option is to import into a New Scene or Current Scene. It does generate to the top of the scene, so you will need to drag it to the spot you prefer.

If you only want specific master slides, it would be best to only import those master slides to Storyline. For instance, if you create questions on an Excel spreadsheet it's best to make changes on the spreadsheet and import the questions again. You're right, there is not an option to delete. Template-wise, we'll choose your last master for the format. 

You mentioned templates too. You can change the layout on a Quiz slide, but not a template. Excel spreadsheets import their own template. If you have a specific template in mind, then it would be best to create that quiz slide in Storyline.

For question #4, to update the trigger of the button on a slide-by-slide basis it can't be on a slide master.

Lastly, there is improved functionality in Articulate 360 including slide numbering.

That's a lot of info, so let me know if you have questions on any of it!

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