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Feb 27, 2020



I'm finding that when users go through my e-learning modules, close down and re-open the module, they usually can return back to where they left off except when they have answered a graded question.


How to change this so that they can resume where they left despite when answering a question?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Clement,

Happy to help! To narrow down what the cause might be, let's review the setup for your Slide Properties and the Player Properties. 

If those settings do appear to be in place and you continue to hit this snag, please let us know!

Ren Gomez

Hi Clement,

Happy to help clarify! The individual slide properties will not affect the player resume options.

In your example, if you chose the Prompt to Resume option in the player and the user closes the course on slide 25, they will return to slide 25 when they re-open the course as long as they choose to resume.

The slide properties only determine if that individual slide will replay again if the user revisits the slide, or if it stays how they left it. In this case, if slide 25 has a resumed saved state, then the user will not need to start the slide from the beginning. Hope this helps!

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