Convert slide to Freeform question- possible to change"Pick one" to "Pick Many" in the same slide?

Nov 17, 2015

Hello all,

Here is my dumb question, it may be asked before, but never mind. For the feature "convert slide to freeform question" in Storyline 2, is there any way to change "pick one" to "pick many" based on the original same slide design without initiating a new slide? For example, I originally use "pick one" to design the question/quiz (the answer or choice is only to pick one) in that slide, but for some reason, I have to update it to "pick many", I just want to fix it in the same slide other than initiating or restarting a new slide. I found it is a lot of more work and really takes time to restart a new slide and change it to "pick many". Is there any button or feature that I miss or don't know to make it happen? 

Does my question make sense? Thanks a lot in advance.

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