Converting from 4:3 to 16:9

Oct 27, 2015

OK...stupid question and appreciate any advice.  Relating to Articulate Storyline2. I've got a template I built a long time ago in 4:3.  It has a title banner with my company logo. I do a fair amount of import from PPT and then amend the content by adding interactivity, etc to prevent creating just page turners (...what I call "click nexters"). I've got a nice collection of interactive elements I've been saving over time...drag and drops, ask an expert, etc.

When I work with third parties to build me content, they tend to do their work in 16:9 which I have stayed away from.  I am now (finally) ready to move to 16:9 for my custom development and am wondering two things.

How do I convert an existing course I've got in 4:3? What do I need to consider as I make this change? What don't I know that I don't know?



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Michael Crouch

Step 1- load up your project you wish to convert.

Step 2- Click the design tab across the top.

Step 3- Select story size setup (underneath where the file tab is)

Step 4- On the Change Story Size window, select the drop down and select 720x405 (16:9), make sure you have Scale to fit selected. then click ok.

Step 5- wait for the magic to happen - DONE.

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