Cornerstone LMS: SCO_SCORE and USER_LO_SCORE differ

Apr 06, 2020

We have encountered an issue where Cornerstone on Demand occasionally reports assessment scores that don’t match up. Typically, the SCO_SCORE and USER_LO_SCORE numeric values are exactly the same or within 1 point. Occasionally, though, the scores are 20-30 points different or more. These scores in our Cornerstone LMS are from Storyline 3 projects having a graded quiz with an 80% passing threshold…pretty standard Storyline setup.

Does anyone know why these values might differ when reported by Cornerstone? What exactly are SCO_SCORE and USER_LO_SCORE? Thx for any insight or experience.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Bob,

Thank you for reaching out! 

While I am unfamiliar with the reports that Cornerstone generates, I wanted to share what Storyline reports to the LMS: 

In regards to those fields in the Cornerstone report, I came across a guide from Cornerstone as well as a community post that I hope will point you in the right direction: 

I am hoping that others in the community will jump in and provide their insights as well! 

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