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Nov 30, 2016

Hey guys,

I am working on a course to publish to my LMS. On the last slide I have a close button for the student to close out the current window and return to their course listings in the LMS. My issue is that this button isn't working, I have tried the suggestions I found on your site and they didn't work. I put what I tried below:

Learning Management Systems
When publishing for LMS, be sure to test your content in your LMS. If you view a course that was published for LMS on your local hard drive, the Exit course trigger won't work.

If the Exit course trigger still doesn't work after uploading the course to your LMS, try the following:

It's strongly recommended that you create a backup of the Configuration.js file prior to modifying it as described below.
Locate the Configuration.js in the following directory, depending on your version of Windows:32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Articulate\Articulate Storyline\Content\lms
64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Articulate Storyline\Content\lms
Open the Configuration.js file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
Change this line: var EXIT_BEHAVIOR = “SCORM_RECOMMENDED”;

Republish your course.
If it still doesn't work, try changing the line in step 3 to: var EXIT_BEHAVIOR = “ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP”;

I have a trigger with java script on the last button the closeFrame()

I am not sure if this is just something that isn't possible now for if I am missing something? I have tried this in a couple different browsers with the same issue

I have attached my published zip file if needed.

Thank you.

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