Course Branching and Changing States

Feb 05, 2018

Hey Everyone, 

So, I have not tried this in awhile and I feel like I'm missing something small but I cannot put my finger on it. I'm creating a course where the learner can go through 3 different options of how to complete a task. When the learner clicks on an option a bubble pops up and then they can click a button to begin that scene. Once the scene is over the very last button of the slide takes them back to the main options screen. Now, I want the 3 option circles to change to a different color when they have been visited. I created a custom state listed as Done to ensure it was the way I wanted. Then when all 3 circles are equal to "done" the complete layer will pop up to inform the learner they have visited all possible options. Currently, I cannot get my states to change correctly and have tried various techniques. I'm hoping someone can help. I attached a very basic version of the course as it is a systems course I'm not allowed to put on the open web. But, if anyone can tell me how to get my states to change correctly I would really appreciate it. 

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Walt Hamilton

Here's what I see.

If you want to come back to the menu slide and not see the layer, close it before you jump to the next slide:


Personally, I wouldn't put the trigger to change the state on the menu slide. If they click a circle, then don't click BEGIN (say they change their mind and decide to go to a different topic), the first circle still shows the Done state.

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