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May 03, 2018

Hi everyone,

We published and went live with a course in the LMS to over 10,000+ users and some users were finding they could not mark this course complete. I have it set to "complete/incomplete" as well as 51/60 slides must be viewed to complete the course. I view all slides, including slides with layers, and it still doesn't mark complete. Do you know what else could be happening? Course is attached.

Thank you and I appreciate your feedback if you can get back to me soon.


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Andrew Hanley

HI Lindsey,

It depends how its Tracking and Reporting is done. If its set to a number of slides viewed then you dont need a Results slide. But you would need one if its set to that as the Completion target.

I would assume though, that you just have the simple "view X number of slides to mark as complete" -  as you said you have "some" users who can complete the course.

First thing I would do is test on another LMS - use ScormCloud if you dont have another handy. This will show if its an LMS issue or not.

If it isnt an LMS issue, then I would next look at backdoors or routes through the course that havent been either locked down or anticipated. It may be that some users are finding themselves at the last slide without having viewed the "55 out of 55 slides" or whatever target has been set when publishing.


To test, you could drop the slide count down to 1, and see if everyone now shows as complete.

Lindsey Nguyen

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the tips. For now, I've reduced the slide count from 51/60 to 40/60 and a team member tested the course and saw that it helped - but only if they clicked on all the layers rather than just clicking "next" all the way through. I suspect it may be a slide count issue, but I will test on ScormCloud to ensure it's not an LMS issue.

Thanks for all your help and input.


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