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Oct 18, 2017

Hi, folks. 

Our LMS is moving to a more responsive design. I was looking at the help FAQs and there's a paragraph that they say was related more to course development issues and not their LMS. Does this relate to Storyline 360 or Rise? Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have.

Question: Can I take courses on an iPad or Android mobile device (tablet, phone)?

Some courses are compatible with mobile devices. If a course description includes the phrase "fully responsive mobile design,” it will work on your mobile device. If it doesn't include this note, you may experience difficulties. Course completion information may not be sent back to our system. This would require that you take the course with a desktop or laptop computer instead.”

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Crystal Horn

Hey Cheryl!  Sounds like you're lining yourself up to be fully prepared for any changes your LMS is making.  I like it!

  • Rise courses are fully responsive, which means that the content within courses will adjust to the device on which they're played, as well as the orientation.  Rise courses will look beautiful on almost any device or desktop browser that supports HTML5 output.
  • Storyline 360 features top notch HTML5 output, and that includes our responsive player for mobile devices.  The course will recognize what device is being used to view it, and it will adapt the player accordingly.

No matter which app you use, we've got you covered for any device, with every course.  Let me know if you come across any specific issues I can help with!

Crystal Horn

One more note as far as information being sent back to the LMS:  if courses are viewed in the mobile browser, you won't have to worry.

If you choose to include Articulate Mobile Player output when publishing (it's turned off by default in 360), you'll need to publish your course for Tin Can API.  More information about that here.  Otherwise, the information couldn't be sent from the course, through the app on the iPad or Android device, back to the LMS.

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