Course with branching consistently passing for some testers and consistently failing for others

May 15, 2021

I have created a course in Storyline 360 with two branches for three user audiences. I have two versions - one with triggers on the Exit button to first Complete course, then Exit course, and a second with the completion % set to 25% and the Exit button triggers only Exit course. The LMS is Oracle Team Cloude 21A (expected upgrade to 21B by 5/21/2021). We have five testers testing different scenarios in which a user completes both branches, branch 1 only, branch 2 only, or no branches. 3 testers pass every scenario they test (the course completes in the LMA). 2 testers fail every scenario they test. The 2 testers that fail have passed other courses in which there is no branching and completion % was set to 100%. 

The course has open navigation, there is no test, and users can choose what content they view. We just want a simple, foolproof way to ensure completion in the LMS.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be happening and how we should proceed from here?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Nancy,

I don't know why you're using a % score for completion when there's no test. (Or perhaps I'm misunderstanding your explanation.) 

Here's what I'd do: At the end of each branch, include a slide with two buttons:

  • Continue  (with trigger to jump to the other branch)
  • Conclude  (with completion trigger)

If they don't have to view either branch, put the completion trigger on the first slide of the course (or another early slide). Or just track completion via # of slides viewed, and set the # to 1 (or however many linear slides they must view).