Courses freezing randomly - my fix

I have an issue where some computers in our org. run courses properly and some seem to freeze.  Often if I take all animation (even just text) off a slide this issue no longer occurs, but there is so often that in doing so disrupts the flow of the learning as intended.

After a lot of comparing one computer to the next, looking at settings, users, etc. The common issue I found on computers working was they each had Flash 11.8.800.94 installed.  The ones not working had version

After updating Flash to the most recent version, the 4 test computers ran the course as they were designed to function. 

Still testing to ensure this is the issue, but it seems to have resolved the problem.  

Hope this helps you should you run into the same problem.


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Pauly Barnes

My company is running into this same issue. We are have a single module that we recently launched that tested fine internally amongst 5 test computers. However, we are receiving calls of lock up and we are trying to weed down the issue. I was hoping that the flash problem you were having was the same as ours, but we are finding that there are users having problems with version: (Version 11).

70 people so far. Pretty frustrating.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pauly,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. 

If you tested on your end with the same installation of Flash, I'm curious if it's the browser(s) causing trouble. 

Have you been able to find any type of common thread between the users that are having this issue? Are they using the same browser, browser version, etc.? 

David Tan

Hi Tracy,

I used your method to have two quizzes in the same course and use hidden slides to report to the final result slide.

But some people reported their quiz froze from time to time, I'm wondering if the courses that had the frozen problem are courses you created with the multiple quizzes?