FREE: custom, global audio on/off button (Storyline 2)

Jan 26, 2016

Hi all,

Hopefully someone will find this useful! I set up a custom, global audio on/off button that you can change the look of easily.

It controls audio on each slide based on whether a variable is set to true or false. If the variable is set to false, no audio will play on any slides and the icon will change to reflect that (I've added a bit more explanation within the Storyline build).

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tom -- Thanks so much for sharing! I wanted to note that you may want to EDIT the title of your post to include "FREEBIE" or something of that nature so it's immediately clear that you are not asking for assistance, but wanted to contribute!

Hope that helps, and please feel free to share over in our design-related forum, as well! :)

Jitendra Madhav Ramchandani

Chaps, this is not an audio On/Off button rather it's an audio Play/Pause button. There is a difference in On/Off and Play/Pause. On/Off requires the audio volume to be turned to 0 so that the audio is muted without affecting the screenplay. While the Play/pause is only pausing the audio. If you Pause the audio while screen keeps "moving" and then you play the audio the screen elements will lose sync with audio.

Tom Allpress

Presumably turning the volume to 0, would just mute the audio? it would keep 'playing' but be silent? My example stops an audio file on each slide from playing (NOTE, it doesn't pause the audio, or pause the timeline) if the audio variable is set to false (off). Clicking the audio button will then play the audio file on the timeline from the beginning. If you look at my original post and inside the .story file, I do describe how it works.

Granted, it does only mute a single piece of audio associated with a slide. For context, I set this up for a project I was working on that used audio narration on each slide. As the audio was set to play by default, having to turn audio off on each slide would be a total hassle and would be terrible for usability, hence why I set this up.

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