Create a custom reusable Radio Style for radio buttons...

Feb 07, 2024

I want to create a reusable Radio Style for all radio buttons in my projects. My goal is to be able to format a radio button to my liking, then save that as a custom Radio Style that appears as an option in the Radio Styles panel.

However, it seems that this is not possible in Storyline, correct?

  • I can easily select a different Radio Style for a radio button by choosing an existing style from the Radio Styles panel in the Radio Button Format tab.
  • I can change attributes (such as Radio Fill and Radio Border) for an individual radio button by selecting the button and changing the attributes.
  • However, I do not see a way to save that changed radio button as a Radio Style that I can then apply to multiple other radio buttons. It seems that you cannot create a Custom Radio Style to be selected and applied to radio buttons as desired.
  • I cannot use Format Painter to apply the new "style" to multiple other radio buttons as Format Painter appears to only copy states from one radio button to another, but it does not copy over attributes such as Radio Fill or Radio Border.

Just confirming that this is a limitation, or am I missing something?


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Tom Kuhlmann

That is correct. As it is currently, you cannot customize the pre-built radio styles. One thing you could do is create your own style and then use the convert freeform feature on a slide.

I'd build a style, save that slide as a template. Then you can always insert the slide, copy the styled radio and insert on the slide.