Create a downloadable pdf of people's answers that they have inputted throughout a course.

Apr 03, 2018

In several of our online courses we ask people to type their thoughts into text entry boxes. Is there an easy way to add all of these responses to a pdf document that they can download at the end of the course.. or even a way of printing them out as a hard copy if they want to. It just seems a shame that the writing they have done is lost once they close the course and can never be referred to again.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Matthew!  You could use the Essay question format to capture your learners' thoughts.  If you incorporate a Results slide that tracks each essay question, you'll have the option to Print Results.  That'll show your learners' entries for each essay question in a separate browser tab that can be printed or saved.

If you aren't quizzing your learners, you can dress any of these slides up to be normal slides but with the functionality of quiz slides that report their answers!

I'm excited to see what other suggestions you'll see in the community.  ☺️

cynthia Lyons

I need a little more help after looking at Stephanie's suggestion. She never explains the javascript that is required. 

I have a slide with 6 reflection-type questions the learner is to answer. I want the learner to be able to print or email a document that has all 6 questions, each with the learner's response. How do I do that? I've attached a file that I've been experimenting on, if that helps.

Thank you in advance.