Creating a dropdown list question in Articulate Storyline or QuizMaker 360 - one question with dropdown list of possible answer

Apr 05, 2021


I'm trying to create in Storyline 360 or Quizmaker a question with  one question with dropdown list of possible answer. 

I've looked at all the posts about this issue (Rebecca Fleich Cordiero, David Fair and David Anderson) in Elearning Heros and the YouTube videos.  I can't find one that gives good instructions or isn't 8 years old.  

If there is a template for this or better instructions, could you direct me to their location. I have to create 6 of these and would appreciate any instructions you can provide.  I know I can do this in Multiple Choice but my SME is asking for a dropdown list with 4 selections and one correct answer.

Thank you,



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