Creating a "hidden menu" after beginning project

Nov 19, 2012

I have already got 70+ slides with approx 5 layers per slide.  How hard would it be to create a hidden menu that would hit each slide at this point?

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Lisa Struebing

a drop down menu that is "hidden" at the top of the slide (hot spot flies it into view)...things like forward, back, pause, play, restart, when your start menu is hidden on your move you mouse to the bottom of the window and it "appears". 

I have started to create/update master slides utilizing this  for future use, but would like to know how much work would be involved in implementing with many slides already created.  Should I not bother on this project?

Steve Flowers

You can add that to your master slide and it'll get picked up by any slides that use that master. Couple of cool behaviors and some caveats:

Cool behaviors -

  • The layer that contains your menu will jump to the top of the layer stack when it's called to be shown! This is neat since it allows your master slide to act like a sandwich.

Caveats - 

  • You can't communicate directly between your master slide and your base slide with a trigger. You'll need to resort to variables and "variable listeners" to make stuff happen back and forth. 
  • If your pathing changes (other than next slide / previous slide) you'll want to handle this with a loose coupled trigger on your base slide.
  • If you show any layers on your base slide, these will jump to the top of your master slide menu (because of cool behavior above). You'll also want to avoid checking "hide other layers" in your layer properties.
  • You can't change the states of objects within layers on the master slide from a trigger. This makes it difficult (impossible) to slide in, slide out menu items by hiding or showing objects. Your objects will appear or disappear without a transition.

If you need an example I can throw one together quickly.

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