creating a leaderboard html with javascript and vaiables

I love the hub and spoke design that is up on the downloads link. I would love to be able to post a leaderboard for some of my games. I tried to figure out the code but couldn't. Could someone help me to create some javascript and variables to post scores on a leaderboard htrml page from a stroyline quiz which I could load onto my intranet?

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Chris  Simonsen


So sorry I never replied to this.  I have not yet found a solution, but I am still actively trying.  I have an advanced Flash developer on my team and we are working together to try and develop some javascript that wil allow us to create leaderboards.  I will let you know how we make out.


Irene Lee Ranstorp

Hi Chris,
Thankyou for reply - I have tried to contact an elearning company here in Denmark to see if they can help. I would really appreciate if you would keep me posted. Have a nice day.
BR. Irene

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