Creating a Review Module using xAPI Experience Statements

Hi all! I tried searching around for this and I'm hitting bottom. My client has a "series" of 19 "episodes" around a topic. They are requesting that the 20th episode be a review episode based on the experience statements that get reported to the xAPI LRS. Basically, the module needs to "read" the experience statements from the LRS and trigger suggestions for what episodes they need to go through again because the majority of the questions answered in that episode were incorrect. Is this even possible? Has anyone done anything like this? I have a feeling there's some Javascript that will need to be written...

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Sam Hill

Hi Amanda, I don't think the included xAPI methods in Storyline provide you with anything to retrieve data from another module and I believe you will need to include your own JavaScript for this method. It sounds like an interesting challenge. You'll need somebody with JavaScript experience to achieve this. I think most of the solutions you find on the web will be using a library for the xAPI comms, and so you might need to look at integrating your own library into SL in order to use snippets from the web.