Creating a trigger on one shape is getting added to the rest of the shapes on the slide

Hello everyone.

I'm having this problem that I can not seem to figure out on my own and I've tried Googling it and searching here but can't seem to find anyone else having the same issue I am.

I am creating a grid of shapes (rectangles) on a slide in a 2 columns by 5 row grid.  I have 10 layers that are supposed to show when clicked on their respective rectangle.  The triggers I am adding are a simple "Show Layer [Layer One] when User Clicks [Rectangle One].  However, what is happening is that this trigger is getting added to all ten of the rectangles in the grid.  So Rectangle Seven for example is getting the same  "Show Layer [Layer One] when User Clicks [Rectangle One]".  If I try to change this to  "Show Layer [Layer Seven] when User Clicks [Rectangle Seven]" this new trigger now replaces the ones on all of the other rectangles.

I've tried restarting both Storyline and my computer, creating the same array on a new slide, creating new layers, individually creating each rectangle instead of duplicating it and I can't seem to remedy the problem.  What is strange is that I have this exact same setup on a different slide and that works fine (albeit in a 3x3 grid) and I've even tried duplicating that slide and the problem still persists.  


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