Creating my Storyline project (newbie!) & would appreciate feedback

Apr 04, 2021


I am creating my first Storyline e-Learning course and would love some feedback. It's intended to be a 60-minute course.

I have included only the opening slide (for context) and a case study situation. Feedback is appreciated before I continue with the entire project.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Alison,

I think you've got a nice, clean design. 

A few minor notes: 

  • "Select to Continue" seems confusing, especially when there are other instructions about selecting on the screen. I suggest you just have this custom button say "Continue." 
    • Also, if the user will need to complete an interaction before proceeding, be sure to start with a Disabled state that makes it obvious this button isn't clickable yet. Then adjust it back to the Normal state after the interaction is completed.
  • Since you're using custom navigation buttons, be sure to turn off the built-in PREV and NEXT buttons to avoid confusion. 

Best wishes for a successful project!