Creating Options for test "result screen"

Nov 05, 2014

One option on the a result screen "Print Results" button is the option to check for a pop-up so trainee can enter their name (once print results button is pressed). This will result in displaying the name on the html quiz test questions screen at the top.

Is there any method to create a popup option that will also ask for the company name of trainee and have it print under the name in the output html page? Is this part of the software where there is no developer options?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Jim!

I don't know of a way to modify the box that pops up to enter a users name for the Print results. When you type additional words, such as name then company name, they will appear in a single line on the printed results page.

I am sure if anyone in the community knows of a way to accomplish a second line with JavaScript, they will jump in with ideas.

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