Credit for different tracks


We just created a quick module on form I-9 as part of a bigger curriculum for all of our managers in the US and Canada.

Since there's no I-9 in Canada, I just created a separate scene in the project that leads to an "Exit Course" card informing them they're exempt.

The problem is, I don't know how to make sure everyone gets credit. If I make it so they only have to view 2 slides, then the Canadian folks will get credit for it like they should, but the US folks won't have to do the full module. If I make it so they have to view all slides, then the Canadians won't get credit.

Is there a variable I can use or something to make sure everyone gets credit?

My LMS won't let me do separate curricula, so I can't only assign it to the US folks, otherwise I'd've done that :-)


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