Critique and feedback needed

 I have 54 slides and would love to have feedback because this is my very first project ever - of any kind.  Right now, it is strictly plain and boring. Now I need to make it fun and exciting - which is where the pizzazz of the software is needed.  

Although there are several other issues, here is one dilemma that totally has me stumped. There are 5 topics each having 2 or more slides within.  I also put in a couple slides that invites the student to review the topics.  So I say (for example) Click on Values to review.  At that point I want the jump to the first slide in that scene, click through the Values scene then come back to the slide where they clicked Review Values.  Currently, there's a correct jump to the Values Scene but instead of stopping at the last Values slide and going back to where they clicked Review, the slide in the next sequential scene continues the course.  I was advised to set up a T/F variable -which I need to learn how to do - so I'm looking into learning that now.

I realize all of you who are experts are probably already on work overload - but for anyone who has time and wants to critique and advise, I am eager to learn from you. 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jane

Well done on having a go at putting the course together.  Its always exciting and a bit daunting as the tool has so much functionality and when you first start - you don't know what you don't its good you have asked for feedback.  The people in this forum are very giving of their knowledge and that makes for a great community.

The comments I make here are just in my humble opinion so please accept them as such and take what you want from it.

I know what I was like with my first few courses - get as much content in as you can - soon learn that less is more.  You'll also learn there are many ways to achieve similar results within Storyline - so what works for one developer might be done differently by another developer - and the ingenuity of the people in this forum is amazing - so keep coming back -even if you read a couple of posts a day just to see some of the amazing things people come up with.

Couple of things I noticed:

  1. Lightbox slide - Mission statements - your text is not aligned within the text box or between text boxes and my eye is drawn to this straight away.  Also you might like to position your logo to align with the bottom of the last text box.
  2. Lightbox slide - Descriptive words - similar comments to above - re placement and layout.  Also if I click on the button say Values, it opens a layer but then I can't get to read any of the other key points and I have to click close and then go back in.  Not sure if this is what you are talking about in your comment above.
  3. Slide - 1st step in defining values - image is small and there is way too much text on screen.  I suggest you make the image bigger and the learner can click / mouseover segment that will display text. 
  4. Slide - Roles of the Servant Leader - perhaps animate the image to come in a few seconds into the timeline, and then the text beside it display - just to break it up a bit.
  5. Slide - two roles of servant leadership - maybe change the state / colour of the arrows once it has been visited by the learner.  Do they have to click on both of these arrows and view the associated content or can they just click next to progress.  If they need to view, then perhaps disable your next button so they can't click through until visited.
  6. Slide - lead like Jesus Principles : Leadership,  People and Work - Perhaps make this a lead slide that displays the three principles in a graphic - just to break up all the text.  You can use layers then to display the content for each 
  7. Slide - Values Important to Me - perhaps have some characters on this slide 'in conversation' to portray 'if you heard someone...' and have another character at the front...
  8. Should there be feedback when in the What Values characterize your life slide?
  9. Some of your slides have a custom Back Submit button and also the default player Submit button.  You can turn off the player buttons in the Slide settings so that only your custom ones display.  Also, I would be consistent with button naming, either Back or Prev - pick one and stick with it.
  10. For the Review slide - you could also have a custom 'Return' button that takes them back - or as you suggested above, the variable.
  11. The player logo is not a very good resolution - looks like it has been resized.
  12. General comment - I got lost with all the information.  Perhaps you could have a menu slide at the front with buttons that take you to each 'topic'.  Certainly I would put some sort of overview slide that sets out what is involved in the 'Create your Mission statement process'.

Hope this information helps - don't hesitate to contact me if you need clarification of any feedback.  Good luck!!

Jane Anderson


Your feedback is exactly what I wanted and need. All of it is valuable - the thing is, I'm not sure how to correct most of them offhand.  It gives me a lot to start with though.  

I don't know anything about using layers, so am not sure how a layer got in there. 

I am also mystified by 'states'.

Thanks for taking the time to create the list of items for me to work on. I know you said it's just your opinion but your assessment and suggestions look perfect to me.  Now I just need to figure out how to fix what's wrong. 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Jane

if you want to contact me via Skype Wendy.farmer2111 I'd be happy to walk through some of it with you.  I am in Australia but work stupid hours so I am sure we can hook up sometime.  Feel free to message me here or via email For a suitable time.

happy to help you.