Crop images to specific dimension?

Nov 04, 2019


I want to crop a series of images to a specific dimension so they images won't appear to jump from slide to slide. I also need to maintain the aspect ratio. Is there a way to input a specific dimension to crop to? I'm hoping there might be a key I could hold down while I crop to input the dimensions for the crop.  I am using Storyline 360.

Thanks in advance.

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KJ Lascano

Hello Julia, 

I think this will be useful addition to Articulate Storyline.

As an alternative, you can use the crop tool in powerpoint. Crop in in Powerpoint then save the picture on your local drive. After that you can use it to Articulate Storyline and Rise with the aspect ratio that you need.

Hope this helps.

Martin Tuttle

I was having difficulty cropping to a specific size. I did see what Owen and Lauren were describing and that was helpful. Sometimes the size would jump from one size to another no matter how carefully I dragged the mouse. I learned that if you hold the alt key (PC) you have much greater control over the sensitivity down to the pixel. I needed to remember to let go of the mouse button before I let go of the alt key though.