cue points suggestions

Aligning to cue points doesn't seem to work for grouped objects.  Is this intentional or a bug? And when I go to manually move a group to the cue point, it's not right on the same spot.

Also, I really would like to see cue points being added directly to the audio editor.  Since playing the slide in the preview area at the bottom doesn't let me isolate the exact point in the audio, I find myself having to:

1) go into the audio editor and play to the point I want.

2) take note of the time

3) go back out to add the cue point

4) align each item with the cue point

Two other things that would make it easier:

1) Multi-select several objects and align to the cue point at the same time.

2) Select an object on the slide, right-click, and align to cue point. It only works when you right-click the object down in the timeline.  However, I have to select it on the slide to even know which object it is, then select it down in the timeline.  Many wasted clicks.

Has anyone found faster ways to sync animations with audio?  I hate doing things the long way. 


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Jeff Nauman

You're right that you can't align a 'group' to a cue point, but if you expand the group by clicking the arrow to its left, each object in the group can be selected and aligned as a group to one cue point (or individually to separate cue points).

When using the slide preview area, have you tried pausing the playhead at the exact point you wish to isolate? You can then align your object(s) to the playhead.


Steven Booker


I am creating a screen which has a video on one layer, and closed captioning text boxes on another layer. But I want the cue points I am using for the closed cpationing text boxes to align with the video layer - can't work out how to do this.

Currently when I watch the video and click on the Closed Captioning layer this is when the timeline starts, so depedning on when I click the layer, the text boxes may or may not align with te video playing... any thoughts would be appreciated!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Steven,

Is there a reason the CC are on another layer? Have you seen the solution that Steve Flowers provided for closed captioning?

I'm attaching a little story I put together as a demo a couple months back. I used his method. I don't have a video, but if you watch through you'll see I do have animations and the voice/cc needed to sync together with these. Wondering if that will give you any ideas