Curve, Freeform, and Scribble Motion Paths

Jul 29, 2015

I have searched across the universe for instructions describing how to use these tools. In particular, how to start and stop a curve and the difference between Freeform and Scribble. Is there no Help documentation? Clicking the question mark opens the "Documentation" page but searching for these terms only brings up threads or articles that mention these tools without discussing them.

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Walt Hamilton

You are right. It is not intuitive.

Curve: Click to start a curve.  Move your mouse with the button up and click to add a point. repeat until happy. Double click to end. Note that if you do this in a paint program or PowerPoint, you can come back later and edit the points.

Freeform: Click to start. Move mouse with button up to draw straight line to next click. Move mouse with button down to draw a scribble to next click. Double click to end.

Scribble: Click and move mouse with button down to scribble (just like the scribble part of freeform). Let mouse up to end.


BTW, they work exactly the same way when you add a line from the shapes menu.

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