Custom Animations

Feb 04, 2013

In storyline can you add a custom animation like in PPT?  If the answer is no, is there a different way to achieve movement on the screen...for example, I would like the title to be large at the beginning of the timeline and then move to the corner in a smaller form or even just move out of the center so I can add more information to that slide.  If anyone knows any tips or tricks that would be helpful, I would really appreciate the help.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Shelley,

There are a few animations available in SL, but not the motion paths that are available in PowerPoint.

There are undoubtedly a number of ways this can be done. I just threw together something really quickly using the Shrink exit animation for the Title and grow entrance animation for when the text comes in on the bottom right. I've attached the story. You'll see that I actually created a 2nd text box by C/P the original, resize and reposition, and right-align the text. If that's not clear, please just say so!

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