Custom Audio Transcript

Dear All,

We are in process of creating a course with custom navigation. 

Now the challenge is to have and maintain audio transcript option. What I did presently is added a scrolling panel in each slide as a layer. The will call this option in all slide by a button if required.

Am not sure whether this is the right option or do we have any other way to achieve this ?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Nabeel,

Thanks for reaching out! While there may be other methods, I certainly don't think using a scrolling panel on a layer is a wrong way to achieve this.

My thoughts are, and you may already have this set, but:

  • Have the button connected to a True/False variable. False = no transcript, and True = transcript.
  • On each slide, add a trigger to show the transcript layer when the timeline starts if variable=True.

This way, they would only have to choose the option once, and the transcripts will show for every slide. Hopefully others in the community can chime in with their methods!

Nabeel Ibrahim

Hi Ren,

Above one is a nice input which I followed and it works  well. But now I have a challenge.

I am having a slide with tab interaction, each tab has different audio which has transcript.

How can I achieve in his case ? In  my design already we have kept transcript as a layer.

thank you

Nabeel Ibrahim

Dear Team,

Am here by attaching the test file.

I do have 2 things to clarify,

1) In first slide only i have kept the transcript option. So if you sect the icon "T" the transcript will show. This is the transcript of base layer. I do have 2 other layers in the same slide named "A" and "B". Once we are viewing these layers, am not able to show the transcript as all are layers.


2) I created 2 question bank. My requirement is the LMS should be able to catch the pass or fail of this assessment. What is the setting to be created. Once i tried this is not marking failure, only success is getting marked.