Custom Cousre Evaluation/Survey

Oct 04, 2013

I am building a custom survey/evaluation that the learners will complete at the end of each course.

The survey has freeform text and a likert scale on one slide. I cannot figure out how to submit BOTH results upon the user clicking submit. This information will not have a results slide and should only have a "Thank you" prompt to complete the course and the information will then be loaded into Moodle.

How can you customize the submit button and load the results into an LMS?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole, 

When adding a freeform text entry to a Likert scale (or any other question type) it will only recognize one interaction to submit on the slide. Have you thought about creating it as a text data entry field (also works well if there is no "correct" answer like on a survey) and using the method described here to pass the text variable to your LMS?  If you set it up using that method, I'm not sure you'll need a custom submit button either. 

Nicole Robeson

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply!

That method is not quite working for my slide. I have uploaded the file I am using. I cant seem to get the variables to work the way the tutorial states. The instructions say to hide question slides, but my questions are on this slide. How do I get the information on this slide to feed into a results slide that I can hide?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole,

You'll need to set up the additional short answer question slides that will hold the variables from your text entry on this slide. Those will be the slides you hide by, editing the default "Submit interaction" trigger so it executes when the timeline of the slide starts. You won't necessarily want to hide the results slide but link the Short Answer survey question to a result slide.  If you already have a result slide, use the drop-down list in the Question panel to select it. Here's a similar sample I made for another thread here

Lee Inskip

Hi Ashley

I wonder if you can help me? I have been tasked with creating a custom course evaluation form for a client which will sit within their full eLearning course. I have read all the discussion above and looked at your link to pass the text variable to the LMS. This all makes sense but the client also wants to send integer variables to the LMS with specified names i.e. course_content which would be based on a likert scale. I have had a quick look at the default likert scale survey questions within storyline but I can't figure out how I could specify what the integer variables would be called that are being passed to the LMS.

Are you able to help with this at all please?

Many thanks


Lee Inskip

To give more information the client wants the id  for each evaluation question to be a specified variable such as course_content , the type to be "performance" and the student response to be the selected integer for the question or the text variable depending on whether the answer is a number of text. I can see that these scorm interactions are sent automatically to the LMS when I create a normal quiz question but cannot figure out how to change the names of the variables so that the correct id, type and student response will be sent for each question so that it reports how they need it in their LMS. Any help you can give on this would be appreciated.



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alena!  This article explains how Storyline defines and sends the quiz data to your LMSType, for example, will always send the type of quiz question (multiple choice, true/false, etc).  SCORM 2004 and Tin Can API send the most data to your LMS, including question text.

What does your reporting look like currently when taking this course in the LMS?

Lee Inskip

Hi Crystal

Thanks for your response. I know this is the data that is currently sent to the LMS but what I want to know is - is there a way to change the ID, Type and Student_response so that it does not show the default Scene1_Slide1_Essay_0_0.(no description)? See screenshot below:

Screenshot of Question Data in LMS

My client has asked for the scorm interactions, id, type and student_response to be changed so that they reflect the following:

1. Id should be one of the following course_content, recommend_colleagues, user_learning, user_experience, techincial_connection, user_comment.
2. Type should be “performance” for each evaluation question.
3. Student_response should be the learner selection on the rating for each question or their text entry if it is a text entry field.

I have not built this course yet but am asking these questions now so that I can let the client know whether I am able to build the evaluation form to their specification or not.

Many thanks


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