Custom drop list attempts not creating

Apr 23, 2022

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a sequence drop down lists with 2 attempts using Articulate.

From the drop list the learner select the type and once all the 3 are selected, enable the submit button.

Each drop list should have the following 8 list of selectable option.

  • Patient Demographics and Insurance (answer for image 1)
  • Patient History Form
  • Prenatal Questionnaire (answer for image 3)
  • Back Pain Report
  • Pre-Participation Questionnaire
  • New Patient Medical History Form (answer for image 2)
  • Financial Documents
  • Health/Healthy Action Plan

The answer texts  are given for developer reference to know the answers, don’t include them in options.

If the user selects correct answers:

Show the feedback popup with the text ‘Correct answers. Click close button to continue’.

If user selects wrong answers:

1st attempt - Show the feedback popup with the text ‘Try again’

2nd attempt - Show the feedback popup with the text ‘Incorrect Answer. Click show answer button to know the answer’. Include show answer button in popup, when user clicks that show the main screen with correct answers. 

My problem is I have created the 2 attempts as triggers like - show first feedback layer when the correct answer. Show the second feedback  layer when the feedback layer is Try again

The problem is  with the third feedback  "Incorrect answer"  with show answer button to know the answer which is not creating by me.

What should I do?

Please help me....

Thank you,


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