Custom Icons for Resources

Sep 15, 2015

When you access the following: Player > Properties > Resources you can then attach files and web URLs. 

When you add a web URL it displays in this section like so (see screen shot). 

I was wondering if anyone knows a way to change this web URL icon to something custom. So, for example, if you were linking to a website like, you could customize the icon to be the Articulate icon, rather than the stock icon Storyline provides/generates. 

I explored options in the "Text Labels" and the "Other" tabs under Custom, but gave up when I couldn't figure it out if it was possible. 


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Dan Beatty

Hey Leslie, 

Thanks for the reply. I tend to shiver when I see "...SDK..." mentioned, but if that's the best thing to look into then that's what I'll do. I'm relieved my exhaustive search through the Storyline options within the program wasn't in vain though! I think this could be a cool improvement for future Storyline releases. Where is the appropriate forum to make this request formally? Thanks. 

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