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Adam Hunt

This page may help...

Are you trying to create a slide within a larger presentation with a different layout than the rest of the slides? If so, you may be able to just select to add a blank slide and build it from there, or if you are viewing the slide you want customized just right click on it, select layout, and choos a blank layout - then you can build your own custom slide.  Another possibility is to create a variety of custom slides, save them as a storyline template, and import those into your presentation.

Steve W

I guess what I mean to say is that I use the same slide layout in multiple presentations.  It would be easier if I could create a new blank slide and select a custom layout from the layout menu.  This would be much more efficient than having to recreate the same layout over and over.  It would also be more efficient than importing a template slide and duplicating it.  If there's no way to save a custom layout, I'll have to go with the template approach.  Thanks.

Adam Hunt

Oh, well if you want to use the same layout each time just create a presentation with the basic layout you want (but no content) and save it as a template.  Then when you're ready to start a new project select "open from template" and select your customized template.  Then you'll have all your custom slides (so when you "add a slide" you can select your custom layout).

Hope that helps...