Custom menu using slide master layer - marking selections troubles

Oct 21, 2014

I have created a layer on the slide master to serve as a custom menu. It's triggered by a custom button on the slide master base layer. So far so good.

Have added text box items to this slide master menu to serve as links to the specific screens in the course. Added a visited state to each of these items, so that when the selected screen's timeline starts, the text item link on the menu turns to gray, indicating that screen has been visited.

The problem:

Making the visited states in the menu permanent once the viewed screens start playing. It works once, and then not again, no matter how I set the revisiting choice.

Current layer trigger coding for slide master menu layer:

  • created a variable for each menu text link, true/false. Set to false as default.
  • added trigger to change state of the text link to visited when the variable changes, on condition that variable is == true.
  • Added jump to slide triggers for each text link

Trigger on each content slide:

  • Set variable for that linked screen equal to true when the timeline starts

Appreciate help on this. Thank you.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard, 

Could you share a sample of this set up here with us? I'm trying to following your set up - and am stuck on the part you mentioned in regards to changing the state when the variable changes, with the condition that the variable is true? You also mentioned it worked the first time, but not after that - as in the visited state is not held on say section 1, after you've viewed section 1 and returned to the menu? Or after you've viewed section 1, went to the menu, and then went to section 2? 

You can attach the file here using the paperclip icon, and the forums have around a 20 mb upload limit. 

Richard Chasin

Hi Ashley,

I had sent this along with the .story file to premium support after I had posted here. Normally I would have waited for a forum response, but was in a hurry. My file was corrected by John Say and sent back just a bit ago. Sorry for the trouble - I should have removed the post right after John's response.

BTW, the only change to make it work was to change the triggers to execute "when timeline starts" instead of when "variable changes".

It now works as I had desired. Thanks again.

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