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Aug 04, 2016

In the course attached I have a skeleton of five screens with text links at the bottom of each page. Links are on Master slides. I'm not using any variables, just actions. I can go through the sequence of links from one page to another, but when I go back to the first link, one of the other ones will disappear. Don't know what is causing this. Any assistance is appreciated.

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Ron Price

Hey Ken,

The issue seems to be related to the "over programming" of your navigation.  For example, in Storyline, there are some States (in your case, Selected and Hover) that are automatic.  That means you do NOT need a trigger to change to those states.  Since Storyline triggers those automatically, sometimes adding your own triggers can foul things up a bit.

If you go to your Master Slide and delete the triggers that change to HOVER, then you should be fine.  You can keep the initial change state to selected when timeline starts, however, a more elegant solution would be to also delete that trigger and just choose "selected" as the initial state for that first option.

Hope that helps.

Ken Venick

Ron and Ashley,

I had high hopes for Ron's solution. I removed all the HOVER actions from each of the five Slide Masters , but kept the SELECTED action when timeline starts for each text link. What I find is that as I go through the links, back and forth, some links appear SELECTED, often two different ones, even though we are on a different Slide Master. Any ideas?

Ron Price

Hey Ken,

Sorry for the confusion... actually with your design - the automatic states were going to be a little tougher.  You were using some different master layouts for each scene, which also complicated things a bit, however, I can see why as it probably was not working well for you using one layout.

So I took the liberty to do a quick re-design for you - it is attached.

Since you want more specific control, and these items are on the Master, I chose a custom State, which I name "active".  I deleted your selected state.  I created a number variable called topic which we adjust everytime a choice is made on the menu.  Choose Topic 1 it will equal 1 and so on.  

Then we are using that variable to determine which item changes its state to "active" - that will be a bit more bomber than the original, and it was easier to do and let you see, than me trying to describe it.

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