Custom Progress Bar for Quiz Questions to Show Progress

Oct 20, 2015

I have a client who has requested a custom progress bar on the quiz question slides that is linked to users' success/failure of previous questions. This is a "time traveling" quiz. The user starts at 1980, and they progress through time as they answer correctly. So, each slide would have to show a date or a progress meter based on how many answers they got correct.


Is there a way to accomplish this without using a complex series of variables?

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Steve VE

The easiest way I can see of accomplishing this is:

  1. Create a layer that contains each image representing the time period. That is, one layer for the 1980 image, one layer for the 1990 image, one layer for the 2000 image etc. This would be on every slide of the quiz.
  2. Have a single variable that captures a count. If the answer is correct, add one to the count. If incorrect, deduct one from the count.
  3. Evaluate the count on each slide and show the appropriate layer. If count <= 1 show 1980 layer. If count = 2, show 1990 layer. If count = 3, show 2000 layer.

This is just a thought experiment but should work without being too complex. I hope this is what you're after.

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